Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fraudlent email example

Compensation Winning Notification

Attn: Friend.

How are you today? Hope all is well with you and your family? I hope this mail meets you in a perfect condition. I am using this opportunity to thank you for your great effort to our unfinished transfer of funds your account due to one Reason or the other best known to you. But I want to inform you that I have successfully transferred the Cheque out of the company to someone else who was Capable of assisting me in this great venture.

 Due to your effort, sincerity, courage and trust worthiness you showed at the Course of the transaction I want to compensate you and show my gratitude to you With the sum of $300,000.00 (Three Hundred thousand United States Dollars) I have Authorized the finance house where I deposited my money to issue you International certified bank draft cashable at your bank.

 My dear friend I will like you to contact the finance house for the collection of this international certificated bank draft. The name and contact address of The Person with your Cheque Mr Jeff Walter is as follows.


AGENT: Mr Jeff Walter
CELL PHONE: +234-8029104251

At the moment, I am very busy here because of the investment projects which I And my new partner is having at hand in the United Kingdom.

 Below is my contact information in the United Kingdom in case you want to Verify or get any confirmation from me but i want you to be rest assured that Your bank draft will be cashed at you nominated Bank.

 Name: Mr Hazzan Fred
 Address: 207 Monston Lane Park 407 MJ Leyland United Kingdom.

 Finally, remember that I have forwarded instruction to the finance house on your behalf to send the bank draft to you as soon as you contact them without Delay. Please I will like you to accept this token with good faith as this is from the bottom of my heart. Thanks and God bless you and your family.

Hope to hear from you soon.

 Yours Faithfully,
Mr Hazzan Fred

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Enticing Email

An email received to which one can easily fall prey.

I am Mrs. Amina Abdullah,I have been suffering from cancer and My told me that I may not last for the next eight months due to my cancer problem.I want Donate (US$2.5M in a prime bank here Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire to Islamic Orphanages.I will give more detail.I wait your reply quikly

- Mrs.Amina Abdullah

Enticing Email

Beware of such enticing emails and same is listed for benefit of all.

Attn. Sir/ Madam,

I am DR.BRUCE EDWARD, I am the purchasing manager to Mortage Pharmaceutical Company U.k.i got your email contact from a comprehensive business web
search on business directory I seek your consent to uplift this business opportunity with you, there is a company in LONDON, my company supplies a particular product called MONOLINE -X -100 33% percent ( HERBAL ). the company is called (ORANGE PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY P.L.C) it is in my mind to open up to you, my intension of writing to you,I receive a call from this company called (orange pharmaceutical company plc) last week to get the same product as regards to the demand, which my company supplies to them, and Itold them all about the product in (Asia India) and the prices.

Meanwhile,My own company bought the product in India at the rate of 3,200 rupess India money and sold it to (ORANGE PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY PLC) at the rate of $usd180 , per sachet the chairman managing director of this company told me to supply the same product to them and I told him that I will be able to supply at the rate $usd160 per sachet , which he accepted on the price, and he told me to get 1000 sachets, which I promise the company to give me one two weeks to arrange it, now I will like to do this business with someone I can present as the supplier in India.Other to avoid conflict between me and my company,I want someone whom will purchase from the local dealer and supply this product to the said company.I dont what my company to have knowledge of this transaction because am still an employee and I will lose my job if my company get to known . that is why I'm approaching you if you can purchase the product from the dealer in india at the rate of 3,200 rupies and supply to the company (ORANGEPHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY PLC) which are coming from London to buy the product at the rate of $usd 160. Note: from the business profit you can tell me how much % you will offer meHowever,if you need any clarification,kindly let me know.please reply to my email.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Extraordinary Credit Repair Service

1. A number of times a mistake committed in form of not adhering to maintaining a sharp credit worthiness creates problems for individuals at a later stage and for that one has to seek the services of an expert and thus one can say without any doubt that none can beat RMCN credit services where one can get free credit report evaluation report and can thus get on to the first step for getting the credit repair from the leader in the segment which has been selected as the 28th fastest growing privately held company in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex and recognized by the SMU Cox School of Business with the Prestigious 2007 Dallas 100™ Entrepreneur Award which is by itself not a mean achievement.

2. One can utilize their "V" Phase Process® for credit repair service which enables the clients to get a clean credit as they clean an individual's credit by auditing the credit bureaus and creditors.

3. One should appreciate this fact that even half a percent extra for a loan leads to an individual paying a hefty sum and thus one has to make sure that one repair credit before embarking on the journey to get a loan and thus one will be able to save a lot by utilizing their services.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Email Intimating Fortune Inheritance

1. One gets a number of emails which states that one has inherited a wealth from an individual who has named you as inheritor.

2. Keep in mind that why a stranger will give you his wealth.

3. These are the tricks to lure you to part with financial information and thus moment one commits the mistake ;  one will find himself in a financial problem.

Virtual Key Boards

1. A number of banks are introducing virtual key boards on the screen itself so that the trojans and viruses can not capture passwords.

2. Banks have gone a step further by introducing these virtual key boards withalphabets changing locations to ward off hidden cameras capturing the data.

Amazing Joyland Casino

1. One can have a Life King size and the same can be achieved courtesy internet without even paying a penny as one can play at online casinos purely for fun.

2. One can play at joyland casino which is a reliable casino and has built a reputation where people can play with a free mind as all its transactions are safe.

3. The interface of the casino joyland site is interactive and one will enjoy the experience.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Safe Custody of Cards Number

1. I always keep my card numbers safe at one place as these come in handy under those circumstances when suddenly one finds that the card pouch or purse has gone missing.

2. Alternatively one can keep these numbers in mobile with password protected wallet and thus info is always available at hand.

Card Swiping Precaution

1. One must make it a point to check the internet bank account online after one swipes the card as at times the sales representatives swap the card twice and amount gets debited twice.

2. In such a scenario one should approach with bank statement or online statement and apprise them the error and amount will be refunded.

Customised Essays

1. I think the studies can not get better as due to availability of professional essays writing services one is saved from the mundane task of finding and collating the data which requires a lot of effort and time.

2. One may be required to submit a thesis which may have a number of reasons for submission and may range for a prerequisite for getting a degree or an individual is himself in research and thus one has a means to get a customised thesis.

3. Similarly one has a provision to get a customised research papers on specific topics which may be assigned by a teacher or is an individual investigation. One must note that it is a time consuming work as its sources are to be researched and have to be accurate.

4. The service is commendable as it ensures that one gets a plagiarised free assignment which is proofread by the editor. Moreover the assignment is written as per an individual style of writing and with a strict confidentiality. One even has an option to be in contact with the writer and has an option to get the assignment completed with in 12, 8 or 6 hours which is like icing on the cake.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Online Payment Tips

1. Online is a medium which has revolutionized the world. A number of payment options exist and one must see the lock symbol and also have a look at https symbol. Have a look at additional 's' in http in the web address.

2. Make sure that the payment gateway through card or any other medium is through secured means and data travels through at least 128 bit technology.

Installation of Programs From Web Requires Deliberation

1. Online is a medium where one has an option to exploit it to gain and I got hooked to make money.

2. Other day I found a program which said if installed its program than it will pay me at double the rate.

3. Moment program was installed it led to installation of virus which was opening its page and despite my all attempts I could not delete it and is contemplating formatting of the computer.

Great Discovery: Zenni Optical

1. I am a college going student and am studying while earning. It was difficult for me to buy costly prescription glasses until I found Great Discovery: Zenni Optical which is selling internationally prescription glasses online at most competitive price by virtue of its removal of advertisement spend and middle man.

2. It is no doubt the quality and material of the Zenni Optical $8 Rx Glasses is superb and also providing me with a new style statement.

3. I consider Best Thing Found: Zenni Optical nothing less than a revolution as it has brought quality prescription glasses at affordable rates.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Installation of Virus Online Which Steal Information

1. Other day I got hooked to a site which said that if I installed its software it will be able to pay me at the double the rate for reading the emails.

2. Greed overtook me and the doom was destined to occur and my system browser opera also got its cookies installed. Now the moment I click on any link my link definitely opens but that particular site also opens.

3. Despite my hotlisting the site in properties of the browser the problem is not resolved. So do not fall prey to lucrative announcements.

Online Billiards

1. Do you have it in You? If the answer is "Yes' for billiard online , than one has an option to play a number of tournaments for real cash to prove himself on the net.

2. One can learn about 8-Ball Pool at Billiardmagic where the same is given in detail for it and one can also assess vital information about 9-Ball Pool which will enable one to win real tournaments online.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ethical Hackers

1. In case you have the expertise to hack than one can use it for helping the nation like one can become a ethical hacker and help govt agencies to hack into enemy countries websites or secret installations.

2. Use your technological mind for the benefit of the nation and not into destructive aspects which can bring a spell of disaster for you.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Online Frauds

1. Undertaking online frauds is a new business but one must understand that getting into wrong things can only spell doom for you as you will be always under tension.

2. Even if you use a cyber cafe still you will be photographed and also your data will be recorded and it is very easy to find that a faulty email has been sent from which computer by virtue of IP address.

3. So excel in good things in life and not hacking others life.

Remarkable Engagement Rings

1. One can celebrate special occasions like marriage anniversary or a birthday with a James Allen band which is studded with diamonds and thus is an ideal gift for every occasion.

2. It has made proposing so simple as one has to just choose a ring among the engagement rings and also select a diamond and with their expertise a class apart diamond ring is ready for proposing.

3. One is lucky to choose a diamond from more than 15000 original diamonds and can even customize a diamond engagement rings for that special occasion.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Do Not Run for Offers on Net

1. A number of offers keeps on popping on the net and people try to lap it considering that it is their last chance.

2. People are made to scramble for those offers as it is made apparent as if the individual do not act than and their hell will be let loose.

3. Eye such offers which asks you to act hurriedly with a suspicious approach.

Assess Internet With Caution

1. Do not believe every thing on face value which is written on the sites and blogs.

2. More than half of the stories are cooked to make a fast buck.

3. Use your personal discretion while acting on the information given at the internet.

4. Do lodge a complaint with police if you find something fishy going on the internet.

5. Be yourself a responsible citizen.

Avoid being defrauded: Online Moving Company Search

An interesting article from the web regarding avoiding being defrauded with a moving company found online.

Reliable Online Casino

1. A number of online casino exists on the net and thus one should know the parameters which makes a site worth visiting and playing casino games online to ensure safety of financial transactions and to get a level playing field.

2. The vegas casino is one of those casino's who maintains the highest level of quality control and transparency by virtue of their Random number generator being tested by leading auditing firms who have physically tested the outcomes which runs into millions.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Password Protection

1. One should nver reveal passwords to anyone and not even to the bank's staff.

2. In case one gets an email asking one to enter personal security details or a Bank staff approaches one to disclose the password, than the same should be immediately reported.

3. Never rely on too helpful bank employees as they have been also found selling confidential information


1. Phishing is at its height near any major event like Olympics, Asiad, New year or Christmas, Football world cup or cricket world cup. Thus one must be on guard during these occasions.

2. Phishing is the technique of illegally capturing personal security data.

3. All banks have a policy not to ask for personal security details like your Internet banking or phone banking passwords on the email, phone or otherwise.

Numerous Online Backgammon Tournaments

1. Gammon Palace has been rated as the world's best online casino and thus the most exciting and reputable online casino games are available to play backgammon and unleash the desire and excitement.

2. It has cash outs which are safe, honest, reliable and on par with cash outs and payouts offered by a number of traditional casinos and thus one can concentrate on playing online backgammon as one even has
the option to check records and logs of each and every transaction which provides additional security.

3. One must take care to fill user profile properly in order to get the prize money hassle free in case one wins backgammon online tournament.

Use Personal Laptop for Online Transactions

1. One should try using the online transaction tips at secured web stations only i.e which are centrally controlled and once an individual logs off from their computers data is also lost.

2. However make it an effort to use online transactions from your personal laptop/desktop only as by using it from the public cyber cafe one is enticing the trojans, spywares and password capture screens to steal your identity.

Online Frauds Technique

1. The main aim of these online fraud asites is to utilise an individuals greed and make him commit a small amount in comparison to the promised amount.

2. Now when the fish is hooked with lucrative promises, than it becomes a cash cow which can be milked at the convenience.

3. Make sure that think with head and not with heart which says that the offer may be genuine and let us give it a try.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Reliable Poker Calculator

1. MagicHoldemTM brings most efficient and reliable calculator by the name of holdem calculator which is easy to use and of course is most advanced.

2. One can make the life easier for himself while playing online poker if the poker odds are known to an individual.

3. One can get this poker calculator free of cost provided one signs up with a few of the online poker rooms and deposit minimum amount as these poker rooms in that scenario covers the cost of the software.

Fight Scams

1. The latest scam in Emails is Phishing and Pharming.

2. These are internet and e-mail scams which try to obtain personal financial information to use in fraudulent transactions.

3. Generally being originated from Nigeria.

4. If you have received a phishing email i.e asking you to share info of classified nature report the same to service provider and service provider will take action to guard its reputation.

Email Security

1. People change cars and phones but rarely change the Email ID and thus needs to be protected at all instances.

2. Don't share personal information via email through any unsolicited mail. Contact the customer care by typing the URL of actual site.AS a matter of policy the service provider never ask one to enter password or financial information in an email or send such information in an email.

Password Security- II

1. Create a secure password: Choose a password that uses a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. For example, $abz2%ve. Avoid choosing obvious words or dates such as a nickname or your birth date or car registration number.

2. Improve your mental faculty to remember the password or else at crucial junction you will not be able to assess the key data or gain assess to your bank transactions.

Password Security- I

1. Never share your password: Generally all service representatives never ask for your password. If you believe someone has learned your password, please change it immediately. Do not let your driver learn the password of your ATM in emergency by you delegating him to draw money on your behalf from ATM.

2. Keep your password unique: Don't use the same password for other online services such as Google, AOL, MSN or Yahoo. Using the same password for multiple websites increases the chances that someone could obtain your password and gain access to your accounts.

Raise Money for Humanity by Boat Donations

1. I am susceptible of giving donations as at times these are fake organizations asking for donations as they use the gathered funds to meet their own ends meet but here I found this organization doing a commendable work for the humanity by keeping its expenses under control under 5% of total receipts which is rarely to be seen these days and thus thought it to feature for the world community to help the world in form of Boat Donations as it sells these boats and yachts received through donations on EBay and use the sales proceeds for the upliftment of the society and generation and circulation of quality information.

2. It is a new and innovative idea to support a venture through Charity Boat Donations as one can have a view of their remarkable work in form of anti drug use documentary featuring skateboard legends Jay Adams from Dog town’s Z Boys, Christian Hosoi, Dennis Martinez (world champion), Bruce Logan (world skateboarding champion) etc who have performed their roles stupendously and message for non usage has been spread loud and clear by virtue of their rise and fall due to usage of drugs and later on their fight back to regain the lost glory.

3. Interested to see their work in action than do not forget to order for Free DVDs which is delivered free of cost and not even shipping cost is charged to the recipient.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Online Precaution Tips to Avoid getting Defrauded-IV

1. Be skeptical -- The Internet not only presents enormous possibilities, but also serious risks. Make good decisions. Use the same common sense in a real world shopping experience when shopping online at home. Does an online offer seem too good to be true? If it does, it could be a scam, which is why you should shop from online retailers that you trust.

2. Don't be afraid to "Get Help" -- Anyone can access a range of helpful information such as instructions on how to check to see if operating system updates are on, guidance on choosing secure passwords, how to secure a wireless network and other helpful tips to keep children safe online this holiday season.

Online Precaution Tips to Avoid getting Defrauded-III

1. Secure your wireless network -- One in ten Americans have been the victim of online identity theft. Secure access to home or personal networks with a password to make sure that others cannot access any personal information by hopping on to your wireless network. Those who are especially vulnerable are those who live in apartment buildings or densely populated neighborhoods.

2. Choose a secure password -- When a Web site requires a user name and password, create a secure password by combining different numbers and letters. Remember, the longer the password the better. In addition, always completely log off of a Web site after completing an online transaction. Finally, never allow unauthorized persons access to secret passwords. If they must be written down, keep them well hidden.

Online Precaution Tips to Avoid getting Defrauded-II

1. Turn operating system updates on -- Ensure the operating system's automatic updates are turned on. Most operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows and Macintosh, include free automated security updates to protect computers and files from hackers.

2. Install a firewall -- A firewall is the first line of defense against online threats. It monitors the data passed between a computer and the Internet. Of the 70 percent of Americans that believe they have a firewall installed, only 64 percent actually have it enabled.*** If customers already have a firewall, make sure that it is enabled.

Satisfying Programs Through Medical Assistant Schools

1. A satisfied career coupled with adequate monetary compensation is a dream for any individual as it provides him/her with financial independence and same can be adequately achieved with
medical assistant training programs which has a leverage of attending full time course or an online course.

2. Healthcare is the most sought after sector in the world by virtue of most paying sector as an individual can pay to any extent to get a good health and thus it makes sense to get the latest education in the said field and one can easily make a choice from a number of medical assistant schools available near an individual's home. The choice is enormous and thus an individual is likely to get the course and institute of his desire and can thus make a mark for himself in life.

3. Thus if you are one of those who is still indecisive for the future courses than the medical assistant programs is the best bet as one will be competitive enough to operate the most complicated machines ranging from x-ray machines, ultra sound machine coupled with handling dentistry equipment. Moreover health care industry offers a scope as health care industry is growing by leaps and bounds.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Online Precaution Tips to Avoid getting Defrauded-I

In order to help secure a computer and personal information,follow these eight simple steps:

1. Use anti-virus software and tools -- Install active and up-to-date anti-virus software on all computers to detect and remove viruses and keyloggers that can steal customers' identities when using their bank or credit cards online. Comcast customers can also download a free Comcast Toolbar, which includes anti-spyware, a pop-up blocker and alerts about Web sites that are potentially unsafe.

2. Use anti-phishing software -- Phishing is a term used for Internet scammers who imitate legitimate companies in e-mails to entice people to share user names, passwords, account information or credit card numbers. Make sure to also install anti-phishing software to ensure you don't get duped by these kinds of online scams.

SMShing is a Latest Fraud Weapon

1. A number of times one gets the Email which states that e/she has been accepted for the rogram and will be charged Rs 29/- per month. A rider is also given in the SMS which states that if you have not applied for this program than visit XYZ link to unsubscribe.

2. A normal individual is taken aback as he/she has not undertaken any such action which warrants Rs29/- monthly rent and visits the site to unsubscribe considering it as a system error.

3. Now moment he/she visits the site, a trojan is installed on the computer and now his complete surfing activity coupled with key bd activity is being logged and your data is being stolen.

Secured Online Bakgammon Portal

1. It gives an additional peace of mind while playing online backgammon if one is sure that the funds transfer is a safe mechanism.

2. Thus it is always better to play with the largest portal for playing backgammon online as it has all the systems in place with more than 100,000 registred players.

3. One can get backgammon news, new features, tips and strategies at a single portal which will help one to enhance their backgammon skills.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Spoof Email regarding Paypal

1. I was surprised to receive a mail which stated that my Paypal account has been compromised and I should immediately login to address the problem.

2. I panicked and clicked on the URL and here my anti virus and computer security measures helped me and showed a flag that it is a site designed to trick me into giving my password.

3. I immediately sent the Email to which deals with such type of fraudlent emails.

4. Always remember to keep your anti virus and computer operating software updated. In case of receipt of such Email do remember to open a new page and than type URL of the site personally.

5. Always look for lock sign at the bottom of the site( Generally Right Side Bottom).

6. Look for opening page URL , it should have a https(note additional S at the end).

7. A well informed man is better protected.

Secured Online Backgammon Tournaments

1. Gammon-World enables a number of players to play backgammon online daily and reasons are numerous; however a few are quoted for the benefit of all. The players at Gammon-World maintains friendly atmosphere and are amenable to play at a short notice. Moreover their software is supported by all browsers and thus playing backgammon tournaments is a treat due to high quality graphics.

2. Their dedicated staff provides a personalized and caring experience and of course the site has a vast collection of expert backgammon tips which will helps one to transform from a novice to professional.

3. One can play backgammon live at no charge with other players on their free software and thus one can say that it has a safe and fair environment for all players.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Email a Source of Potent Fraud

1. Give your Email only to authorised personnels as People are selling Email data to the agencies for the money and than the same is landing in hands of scruplous elements who get into the trick of coning money from gullible people.

2. Do not accept any body word that he wants to pay you money as the same has been willed in your name as in this materialistic word these days no body hits even an offender till the time he is to get some monetary gains from you.

3. Thus forewarned is forearmed and thus be security conscious for all these facts.

Is Payday Loan a Panacea for all Financial Problems?

1. Have you ever imagined that you can make the pay lending agencies compete for your business and thus in turn will be able to get a payday loan at competitive rates.

2. I got to know of this site which helps consumers compare prices on short-term loan options and thus enable them to save money. If others are making use of this facility than why not all of us which will enable one to save money.

3. One has to just fill an online application which is easy and requires details ranging from banking information, pay stub, driver's license, social security number etc to get a loan approved for $100 up to $1,500.

4. The benefit of this procedure is that an individual is able to get a Payday Loans without credit check.

5. However at times for these No Fax Payday Loans a lender may undertake search of a national database of consumers who have a record of loan transactions before final approval of the loan application.

6. It is a God send opportunity for getting Faxless Payday Loans as the money is electronically credited in confidentiality coupled with repayment option also exists for submission through online route.

7. Do make use of this facility but use it with discretion to get benefit from the service designed to help an individual tide over his short term crisis.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Tested Fraud Online Lottery Notification

1. I got a winning lottery notification from so called Yahoo agent stating that I have won a lottery by Yahoo by virtue of being its email user.

2. I decided to check out the same and responded to them with false name and address and other details.

3. I got another notification which stated that I need to furnish an affidavit to get the funds released. I responded to them saying am from India thus how do they expect me to get that affidavit regarding my genuineness.

4. As a last step they sent me an Email with a barrister address who could have had helped me get that affidavit.

5. The barrister demanded an amount of Pound 500 almost equal to Rs 40000/- and directed me to get the same deposited in his account.

6. Thus the modus operandi was to get the rs 50000/- in their account and than pop up another demand after demand and you keep on depositing the money in their account without getting anything in return.

7. I countered them with facts that they are fraudsters as I cross checked from Yahoo and they had denied such lottery existence.

8. Thereafter these fraudsters stopped troubling me.

Get Salary Advance Confidentially

1. I can recall at least ten instances of my life when I had to get embarrassed for a short loan by asking for the same from my friends and relatives.

2. However now the situation is different as I have become financially disciplined and make sure that I do not spend above my means. However I have even catered for financial emergency as it can strike any body unannounced through the facility of Payday Loans which is provided to cater for fulfilling short term financial cash deficits.

3. Roberts Bridge Financial is a financial matching service which is acting as a Man Friday for every individual in finance distress by helping him to get Cash Advance for loans ranging from £80 up to £750 by forwarding the application to the lenders in its network.

4. Now once it has forwarded your application to the lender it is the onus on the lenders to contact you and let you know regarding the approved loan and may also undertake a credit check from a major credit reporting bureau.

5. One need not get worried with credit check as it is a paperless procedure and at times people are able to get the Salary Advance in a time frame as low as 24 hours and that too in total confidentiality as the amount is credited directly in your account.

Avoid Responding to Lottery Winning Notifications

1. I have seen that I get approx 2 Emails daily stating that I have won a lottery and a certain million amount of mi ne has been deposited with a third party bank.

2. Now to claim that lottery money I have to respond to them with my address, phone and bank details for successful transfer of money.

3. In case you respond than you are trapped as now they have got your personal information including address which can be misused.

4. So beware of these fraud lent Emails as nothing comes free in this world.

Do You Know That One Need Not Pay Full Money For New Car Purchase?

1. It is aptly said that one should “Live Life King Size” but for living that King size life one needs to make sure that he has a deep pockets as in this modern world one definitely needs to flaunt the best things in life.

2. In today’s materialistic world people judge the standard of the person by seeing the car he drives and thus to give a boost to my ego and self respect I decided to buy the best model among the Honda Cars; however when I checked the prices from the market I was taken aback by virtue of price of car beyond my reach.

3. However it was my Man’s Friday who informed me to check out the Honda Car Quotes online and I was filled with joy as I got two quotes free and fast for Honda Car Prices and thus was damn happy as now I need not pay the dealer for the new car in terms of full price as I was getting a fantastic discounted price for the car purchase.

4. Do check out carsblvd before undertaking any car purchase if you intend to save your hard earned money.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Online Medium Has tremendous Business Opportunity

1. Online business provides a tremendous business opportunity and all those enterprising guys and gals can take their cake from the internet.

2. Online business has it's benefits in form of flexible working hours, non continous monitoring and ofcourse has the tremendous appreciation scope.

3. I in particular like online business because of the ease factor as an individual can work from his/her home as per individuals convenience.

PR Tips for Businessmen with Online Presence

1. Online is a medium which is growing rapidly and thus the importance of public relations on this medium has to be of the highest order as the interacting persons may not ever meet physically.

2. So, if you are internet savvy personal and want to take your business to new heights than reading this article for increasing PR on the web is a must. Do take time and read the article as information is power in these days of competition.

Grow Your Business with Internet Marketing News

1. I am always concerned to increase my business and thus found that having an online shopping mall on my site can enable me to increase my sales which had reached the stagnation level. In my quest for quality information I found a post worth mentioning with a title “Ten Tips to Keep Shopping Carts Shopping Not Dropping” which opened my eyes to the world of internet marketing and made me start as an enlightened businessman.

2. It’s no doubt that its other articles based on internet marketing news have already created a stir in the online medium by virtue of its researched articles.

3. Moreover if you are a site owner or a blog writer its SEO Optimization tips will always come handy as it makes you think with a new concept for search engine optimization.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

10 Tips to Avoid Internet Moving Scams

1. Following these 10 tips can avoid a internet moving scam but have patience as loading of article dependent on your internet speed.

Don't Open Doors to Financial Scams

1. An ultimate article from the web for warnings against financial scams. The article loading speed dependent on internet service provider speed.

Be Wary of Online Shopping Scams

1. I found an interesting article for safe online tips on the web. Have a look as the information is worth the wait for the time required for its loading depending on internet loading speed.

Beaware of Fraudlent Emails

1. I keep on getting numerous Emails which says I have won a million dollar in Lotto lottery or Yahoo has chosen you as a winner of the month and even send copy of gift certificates duly endorsed with names.

2. The main purpose of such Emails is to lure you to pay them in cash for fulfilling certain requirements to get the cash from the lottery agent and once you pay up you are trapped.

3. Alternatively you are trapped if you happen to give your credit card with vital information. So beaware of these fraudlent Emails as its basic purpose is only to trap your greed and make you pay for your greed.

Unparalleled Bad Credit Offers

1. My father-in-law is settled in US and has a habit of betting in horse racing and in order to recoup his one of the losses he betted heavily with vengeance which resulted in his losing a heavy amount and to pay the debts he had to even sell his house. Being deep in red, thus no question existed for his paying his bills and credit card payments and as a result his credit rating had taken a plunge and no financier was ready to offer him a loan at competitive rates. The banks and financiers who were ready to lend him were charging an exorbitant rate of interest.

2. However, help came in form of realistic bad credit offers for persons like him with poor credit rating. he was exhilarating as the rates for loans were most competitive as compared to rates offered earlier to him by the financiers and the bankers. I did my bit by helping him with the meager funds and advised him to utilise the same to improve his credit rating as per the given guidelines on the site and thereafter he again stood on his feet on financial front and was thankful to which enabled him to choose the most competitive rate for the loan from at least a dozen of bad credit offers.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


1. Yes, you are liable for the fraudlent transactions on your credit card in case the same is not reported in time.

2. In case you have come to know of your lost card, first action is to report the same to the issuer bank and note the transaction number provided by the customer service representative or the online transaction number.

3. Therafter you are free from any encumberances occuring on any such lost card.Certain service providers provide a security on lost card transactions by virtue of insurance cover taken on it.


1. I have undertaken my compulsory military training and had a wonderful buddy who was the most jovial person on the earth. Even in war ravaged situations I felt great with him, however he was always apprehensive of meeting woman because a woman played with his emotions and left him without any rhyme or reason.

2. I always tried to reason out with him that the life is not to be wasted for repentance but it needs to be progressed with a new vigor. In order to help him out on returning from our UN assignment I searched on the internet for free dating tips and found a dating site with a difference and found its tips worth weight in gold.

3. I even secretly filled his email for the free email tips from this dating web site and made him to accept the same from his email. I found him secretly scanning over the dating tips and found that he was showing the signs of returning to normalcy with woman.

4. As a special incentive I subscribed on his behalf with the site for its interactive programme and wrote a fictitious letter from the site stating that he had won an interactive programme for dating by virtue of being a loyal subscriber of their free tips..

5. My friend was in a jovial mood as he need not justify his need of attending the interactive programme as he had won the same from the site and off he went for attending the course. He attended the programme and was very appreciative of the programme and its instructors who carried the day in a professional style. He was all praise for the instructors for their communication skills and their success with women.

6. I was also itching to join the interactive programme seeing the success level of my buddy after attendance of the programme, however I avoided the same as I felt that I have gained sufficient from the tips of my buddy regarding the ways to approach a women for date at cinema halls, multiplexes, shopping plazas, bars, restaurants and all other social hotspots.

7. I was glad seeing my buddy truly happy in company of women as he had begin dating asap and I was further glad that he did not come to know that his trip to attend interactive programme was planned by me. I considered planning his interactive programme secretly as a tribute to his jovialness and standing besides me in thick and thin situations in war ravaged situations.

Friday, September 21, 2007


1. It is our habit to throw unwanted ATM slips in a dustbin like dustbin kept at ATM.
One must desist from this habit as it puts your account at a grave risk.

2. Any unscruplous element may utilise the ATM slip to know your financial status and may use it to get illegal cash from you, or get you kidnapped for a ransom or last of all tip the income tax department to raid you for possession of income beyond known source.

3. So, caution is the key word, however use the technology to fullest and enjoy its maximum benefits.


1. I have a keen eye for detail and thus am effectively able to foretell likely loopholes in a system which can result in a fraud case. Of late I observed that my daughter was trying to keep my wife away from her though she was the darling of hers initially.

2. I initially brushed aside my observation but was then forced to rethink the same when in very stern words she directed my wife not to come to park to see her off. My wife was in tears and ultimately I asked my daughter for her behavior to which she replied that her friends were teasing her that how the mother was so old and daughter so small as due to her continuous falling hairs she was looking much more older than her age.

3. I took my wife to a doctor who advised her to incorporate provillus and also advised me to incorporate procerin as a hair product in our daily life regime. I came and checked for the reviews of these products and found that users have rated these hair loss products as a very high ranking and was thus confident that my wife will be able to regain her lost glory.

4. We used the products regularly and invited her friends for a tea part and my daughter’s friends were amazed at her new look courtesy hair loss products regular usage and complimented her for her new look.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


1. I am a strict financial disciplined person and thus maintain my expenses with diligence and further ensure never to overshoot my budget. However, it so happened that when I went to my home town with my wife and in order to appease her I ordered for an expensive diamond set and paid the advance.

2. The day the diamond set was to picked and I went to my ATM machine and to my horror the ATM card refused to function as it was locked due to non operation for a few months. Since this card belonged to a different originating branch and thus the card was no way ready to get activated despite my all efforts.

3. I was in a catch 22 situation as my card was not functioning and a large payment was due on me and despite mine exhausting all the resources am was falling short by approx $700. I had to proceed to my permanent location for my duty and it involved overnight journey and I was getting calls from the owner of the shop to pick up the diamond set.

4. I was apprehensive of asking money from my parents as I had come to visit them along with my wife and children. I was worried because of the short fall and searched on the internet for availability of cash advance at short notice and was glad that I bumped on this site offering pay day loans up to $1500 without any credit check. I was lucky that I met their all requirements like being in service for past 3 months and earning greater than $1000 per month and was also maintaining a valid checking account open for at least 3 months.

5. So I filled the application with requisite amount and received the confirmation in Email and was granted short term loan for 30 days which coincided with my pay check payment date. The amount was electronically transferred in my account and I felt like a President while picking the nicest piece of diamond set for my wife. In my heart I thanked the cash advance loans facility made available to me online at a short notice which helped me salvage my credit worthiness and of course made me walk with head held high as I need not beg any body for a small loan. I paid the loan in time with the charges but I was not regretting the same as the charges levied seemed meager in front of the service rendered by the site.

Friday, September 7, 2007


1.I can authoritatively say that the online transactions and ATM transactions have changed the way person withdraw cash.Gone are the days of long lines of drawing cash from public sector banks and the cash vending machines have enabled a symbiotic relationship between the customer and banks.

2.Banks have been able to save on transaction costs and customer have got hassle free cash.

3.In a study conducted by ICICI bank has proved that only 14% of its customers undertook transaction from a branch.Thus India has leap frogged into a league where it is almost at par with developed nations.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


1.It is always advisable to avoid undertaking online transactions from internet cafes but if it becomes absolutely necessary then preferably use standarised company cyber cafe's like Reliance web world and Sify outlets in India as all transactions is lost once you log out of their site.

2.If using a local internet cafe then do remeber to remove password stored and clear the cache and do not click on yes erroneously if it says store password.

3.The best option is to undertake online transactions from your personal laptop and net connection.


1.Each Credit card has its number written on it which is generally written on it and is occasionally used to verify a customer.

2.It has a number also printed on its reverse which is around 6-7 digit long and is like your ATM pin and same number is used to verify the online transaction generally.

3.Remember that number which is printed on a paper and pasted on CREDIT CARD.

4.Destroy the number after remembering it or safely storing as CREDIT CARD with that paper printed number is like a blank signed cheque.


1.Always avoid the ATM machines which are in dark and dingy places as some prying eyes may loot one with cash.

2.Do not throw your ATM receipt slips and destroy it properly as it contains your confidential information.

3.Do not allow any body to use your ATM card.

4.Be wary of any suspicious object near ATM machine as it may be sophisticated device recording youe ATM card details.

5.Keep ATM card in secured lock and key.


1. I always have a desire to travel and roam freely around the globe but it is the pocket which restrains me from exploring the world as accommodation and eating out creates a dent in the pocket and thus I have to curb my inner desires.

2. However, now the scene is different as I have found a site offering cool discount upto $100 and of course cheapest and guaranteed lowest hotel reservation rates along with cheap online reservations for flights, vacation packages, cruises, car rentals etc.

3. I am deeply impressed with its road guide which enables one to also assess near by resorts which one would have had other wise never visited. Its onsite tourist guide planner regarding places information is much better than any other site exclusively providing travel related information.

4. This site has enabled me to save those penny expenses through its hotel discounts which other wise were causing me not to undertake the holiday as expenses were overshooting my budget. I am further deeply impressed with the site because of its open door policy where one can even get the refund without the fear of losing the deposited amount. The best part is that one can get booking to cancellation transactions undertaken online.

5. I have been able to plan a vacation from my bedroom with a guaranteed lowest cost for my resorts bookings and it assures me a hassle free travel from booking my most competitive airline tickets to providing best amenities with in my budget.

6.Due to the enhanced saving I have been able to plan a longer period journey and when I discussed these discounts with my neighbor, his wife was ecstatic and thus we pooled our booking and thus we were able to squeeze the site all the more by getting a group discount. Overall am satisfied with the services and prompt response provided by the site.

Saturday, July 28, 2007


1.Paypalis international gateway for accepting money from your buyers or internet companies which pays.

2.It is a safe method for accepting money online.For a small token fee it converts the amount required by you in the desired currency.

3.For Indian investors it charges $5 to email your cheque once the limit reaches $150.

4.Follow following precautions while dealing with PayPal:

(a)Ensure safe custody of password and have it a mix of alphabets,words and special characters.
(b)PayPal will not ask for your password in any email.
(c)Report paypal on receipt of any suspicious mail.
(d)Do not share your password with any individual.
(e)Type Paypal URL personally.
(f)Disable storage of password for this site.
(g)Preferably do not assess this site from public places.
(h) Log out your session.

5.Above tips are equally applicable for online banking transactions.

Sunday, June 3, 2007


1.Suspicious email activity increases whenever any big event like Olympics,Asian Games,Cricket world cup or football world cup is in offing.

2.The gullible internet surfer is targeted by these crooks with alluring offers,so be on guard and do not reply to such mails which promises quick inheritance of money.


1.A number of emails are received which state that you have won a online lottery and then they demand say a small sum and once you deposit that amount in their account and then the loop of demanding additional money starts.

2.So do not get into habit of becoming rich quickly and work hard and this way you will avoid getting trapped in such scams.

Monday, May 21, 2007


1.Get credit card payment protection from 3rd party

2.Always pay from credit card NOT from debit card.

3.Don't pay to companies who are not accredited by 3rd parties like verisign etc.


Following these simple tips can go a long way in helping you surf and transact on the Internet and yet stay out of the net spread by these phishers.

1.Do not respond to mails that you think are not genuine.

2.Do not provide confidential information in response to e-mails purportedly from your service provider.

3.If in doubt, call up your service provider over the help line or go to the website by typing the address on your browser and check whether they have sent you any request for information or verification.

4.If it is not a genuine mail, report the fact with details to your service provider.Do not click on links on e-mails, even though the URL address may seem genuine, as it may be masked. It is always better to type the URL address in your browser.

5.Do not fill any details in pop-up windows that appear when you click on any links, as they may be fraudulent.Check if a site is secure before entering any confidential information or making financial transactions and check the security certificate.

6.Install the latest anti-virus and anti-spyware software.You can also install a phishing filter and use mailing software that is capable of protecting against spam and phishing.

7.While making financial transactions through the Internet, you can use virtual credit cards, like the net-safe credit card offered by HDFC Bank, to protect your credit card details from being misused.

8.Do not open attachments from people you do not trust, especially those sounding very urgent or alluring to protect your computer from malware or spyware.

9.Regularly change passwords on all your online accounts to prevent misuse and do not repeat old passwords when asked to change them.

10.Regularly open and review your online accounts and check transaction history. If you do so, you might be able to report and block any possible misuse or fraud at an early stag.


1.With the rapid growth in online business transactions, a new phenomenon in identity theft called 'phishing' has emerged.

2.In this process, hackers use e-mails as bait over the Internet to hook you into giving your personal data such as passwords, credit or debit card numbers, or other personal information.So what is the modus operandi of these hackers?

3.A typical way of doing it is by sending out mass mailers where they request you to provide personal information. Even if a small percentage of people respond, they are able to achieve their goals. They use online mechanisms called spiders, which grab e-mail addresses over the Internet.

4.E-mail addresses that have been posted on chat rooms; forums or websites are most susceptible to this tactic.These e-mails sent by phishers closely resemble genuine e-mails that could have been sent to you by your bank, credit card issuer or online transaction portal.

5.They generally ask you to reconfirm or verify your personal details with them, stating that they are updating their database.

6.Sometimes they even use the 'threat tactic' that there are certain problems with your account and it would be closed or suspended, if you do not respond within a certain time period.

7.Other methods of doing it is by using malware, which redirect your response to their website or spyware that collects data from your computer and transmits it to them.

8.Tell-tale signs:If a mail starts with: "Dear Customer" - Personal mails from service providers should contain your name, especially if they are important. Mass mails sent by phishers generally do not contain names of the addressees. "Your account will be closed in 72 hours if you don't respond" - The idea is to instill a false sense of urgency and make one act without thinking and provide the information asked for."Please verify you details with us" -

9.Most genuine service providers would never ask customers to send out sensitive data for reconfirmation on the Internet. Moreover, why would they need to verify the data online if they already have it?"Please click on the link below" - These are generally masked URL addresses that take you to a fraudulent site. "Alluring or urgent attachments" - Attachments sounding urgent or claiming to have mind-blowing pictures may contain malware or spyware.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


1.Ensure while punching your ATM code ensure that nobody is snooping on you.

2.Do not assess ATM machines which are located in dark areas as these areas are prone to thefts.

3.Do not throw your ATM receipts in dustbin in ATM as these can be misused by unscruplous elements.

4.Keep your ATM cards secured as you keep your chequebooks.

5.Ensure that the ATM card given is swiped correctly and check the statement with the bank for debited amount.

Monday, May 14, 2007


1.Security mechanisms are used to protect the systems and information is called a firewall.

2.Firewalls use a combination of industrial strength computer hardware and software that is designed to securely separate the Internet from Internal Web servers, computer systems, networks and databases.

3.During your secure online sessions with RBC Web sites, firewalls prevent unauthorized Internet traffic from entering Web servers, systems and network.


1.A worm is a virus that does not infect other programs.

2.It makes copies of itself, and infects additional computers (typically by making use of network connections) but does not attach itself to additional programs; however a worm might alter, install, or destroy files and programs.

3. Melissa: The Melissa Worm, also known as "Mailissa", "Simpsons", "Kwyjibo", or "Kwejeebo", is a computer worm that also functions as a macro virus, hence making it a "multipartite virus".

4. Code Red: The Code Red worm was a computer worm released via the Internet on July 13, 2001 affecting computers running Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) web server. The programmers at eEye Digital Security who reported it named it after both the Mountain Dew soft drink and the phrase "Hacked By Chinese!" (see Red Scare) that it propagated. The worm exploited a vulnerability in the indexing software distributed with IIS and did several things: * It defaced the affected web site to display:*: "H


1.Phishing' refers to the practice of fraudsters 'fishing' for your details in order to find out and misuse sensitive personal and financial information.

2. Criminals may, for instance, make identical copies of existing corporate websites, or send scam e-mails to elicit a response from you and trick you into divulging your personal information.


1.Without using additional measures such as a digital signature, it is easy for fraudsters to imitate e-mails.

2. Cyber-criminals often place alarming, enticing or exciting subjects in their e-mails with the hope of tempting you to respond impulsively and divulge the requested information. So, always take your time to read the e-mail carefully.

3.In case of doubt, it is better not to respond. If you do choose to respond, always first check that the mail is genuine by contacting the company that is the apparent sender by telephone, for instance.


1.Email sent over the Internet is generally not secure unless it is encrypted.

2.In reality, most email programs currently do not have this capability.

3.To send an email securely, it is recommend that you do so by using the secure email function provided by some online services like Online Banking.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


1.Don't use an auction site for something you need urgently. Instead, watch the auctions closely for a couple of months before narrowing down on a product and seller.

2.Ignore all sellers with a rating of under 95 per cent.

3.Read the listing carefully for hidden caveats and conditions and check the cost of insurance, warranty, shipping charges and return policies.

4.Before zeroing in on a seller, pay some attention to his/her location - some cities are notorious for dubious dealings.

5.Avoid those who do not want credit card payments and do not hesitate to ask the seller for any additional information you may need (save that correspondence in case you have need for it later).

6.There are three types of sellers:
Those who run a business and want to make money (they are cordial and prompt).
Those who are cheats and want to make a fast buck.
And, ordinary folk who have something to sell.

7.It may be a good idea to figure them out with a test bid for a low-priced item to understand how the system works.

8.Once you get the hang of bidding online, place your bid in the last five minutes or preferably even at the last minute.

9.For those who use paypal, the very fact that a customer has moved to cancel an order sometimes galvanises the seller into delivering the product.

10.What do you do when things still go wrong?
First, ensure that the hitch is not due to poor communication.
Secondly, you can cancel a transaction, since most credit card companies provide that option. E-commerce sites also have a 'Standard Purchase Protection Programme' which is Rs10,000 in case of eBay and Rs50,000 for purchases under PaisaPay.

11.Most websites also have a clear privacy policy and spend a lot of money on e-security because safe commerce is the core of their business. They also have a system of investigating allegations regarding cheating, non-delivery of purchases and 'significantly not as described' products.

12.Disciplinary action ranges from warnings to suspension of user accounts, but only when inappropriate behaviour is proven.

13.Clearly, online auctions do have plenty of checks and balances, but ultimately a careful buyer has a better chance of being a satisfied customer.


1.Java Script Error generally happens when a transaction is attempted before the Java applet is completely loaded into your PC.

2.To reload the applet, click on the toolbar, re-select the transaction and wait for the loading to be completed before you proceed.

3. If this does not help, please try clearing the browser's cache before you log in again.

4.The slow response one may be experiencing could be due to the following:

(a)You are not using the recommended browser, operating system and hardware.
(b)Your Internet Service Provider, Local Area Network or our system is facing intermittent slowness.


1.If a secure session is established and the information is encrypted during transmission, then others will not be able to view your information.

2.However, you should be aware that some Web browsers will store information on your computer even after you are finished conducting your online activities, this is called caching.

3.Therefore, you should close your browser once you are finished using the Internet, particularly if you visit secure sites to conduct financial transactions, check account balances or view any other information that you regard as private and confidential.


1.Digital certificates are issued by certification authorities to authenticate a Web site or elements of Web sites.

2.The certificate identifies the originator of the site, or element, and verifies that it has not been tampered with.

3.When your Web browser is presented with a certificate, it will check to see if a legitimate certification authority issued the certificate.

4.If there is a match, your session will continue. Otherwise, your browser will issue a warning and your safest action is to cancel your activity.


1.Always ensure your PC is updated with latest anti-virus and operating system patches.

2. Install personal firewall and anti-spy ware to protect your PC from internet attacks.

3.Always change your online banking/financial portal passwords periodically say every month.

4.Review credit card & bank /financial portal statements regularly and report any irregularities to the bank.

5. You report any suspicious or fraudulent e-mail/sites to the bank/financial portal immediately.

6.Always read the online security tips provided by the bank/financial portal from time to time.


1.40-bit and 128-bit refer to the size of the key used to encrypt information.

2.To use the lock and key analogy, the greater the number of keys, the more difficult it is to find the correct key to fit into the lock that protects the information.

3.Therefore, the larger the size of the encryption level, the more difficult it is to find the right key to unlock the information.


1.SSL stands for "Secure Sockets Layer".

2.It is a protocol designed to enable applications to transmit information back and forth securely.

3. Applications that use this protocol inherently know how to give and receive encryption keys with other applications, as well as how to encrypt and decrypt data sent between the two.

4.SSL has been universally accepted on the World Wide Web for authenticated and encrypted communication between the customer's computer and servers.

5.Some applications that are configured to run SSL include web browsers like Internet Explorer and Netscape,Firefox, email programs like GroupWise, Outlook, and Outlook Express, FTP (file transfer protocol) programs, etc.

6.Above these programs are automatically able to receive SSL connections.

7.To send an SSL connection, however, or to open a secure connection, your application must first have an encryption key assigned to it by a Certification Authority. Once it has a unique key of its own, you can establish a secure connection with every other application that can "speak" the SSL protocol.


To clear your browser cache undertake following action:

Open Internet Explorer
Go to "Tools"
Go to "Internet Options"
Select "General"
Click on "Delete Files" at "Temporary Internet files"

Netscape Go to "Netscape" or "Edit"
Go to "Preferences"
Select or double-click on "Advanced"
Select "Cache"
Click on "Clear Memory Cache" and "Clear Disk Cache"


1.If you encounter problems while accessing Internet Banking using Internet Explorer/Firefox/Opera, you may need to upgrade your browser or update it with the most recent fixes from the browser to keep it running smoothly.

2.Keeping your browser updated is also likely to protect your computer better as the latest fixes and patches will also address known security weaknesses.

3.If you see 'This program has performed an illegal operation' on my PC? This is commonly known as GPF (General Protection Fault). You'll have to restart your browser. If the problem persists, please consult your PC vendor.


There are two general indications of a secured web page:

1) Check the web page URL
Normally, when browsing the web, the URLs (web page addresses) begin with the letters "http". However, over a secure connection the address displayed should begin with "https" - note the "s" at the end.

3.Try it! by visiting any banking/financial transaction site. Note if the URL begins with the "http" meaning this page is not secure. At times the initial site url is not secured and it becomes secured when you type in user name and password.Notice the change in the URL when you log in with your user id and password and the site url should now begin with "https", meaning the user name and password typed in will be encrypted before sent to our server.

4 Check for the "Lock" icon There is a de facto standard among web browsers to display a "lock" icon somewhere in the window of the browser (NOT in the web page display area!)

5.For example, Microsoft Internet Explorer displays the lock icon in the lower-right of the browser window and Click (or double-click) on it in your Web Browser to see details of the site's security. This is important to know because some fraudulent web sites are built with a bar at the bottom of the web page to imitate the lock icon of your browser!


1.We recommend the following minimum configuration for computers:
Computer with 500MHz processor or higher
64 MB RAM or higher
Internet connection of 28.8 kbps or higher

2.Operating systems Recommended:
Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP
The following browsers:
Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.XX and above
Netscape® 7.XX and above
Firefox also performs intelligently for online transactions.Choice is with you to decide as each site is optimised for specific type of browser viewing and same is listed generally on the site.

3.A laptop with minimum above specifications can be used to assess any online transactions.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


The summer travel period is high season for online theft due to more frequent holiday sessions and outings. nking and fraud experts offered the following tips to help consumers avoid unauthorized use of their credit card information:

1.If anyone attempts to talk to you while you are using an ATM, cancel your transaction and remove your card immediately.

2. To prevent skimming, the copying of the encoding on your card, keep an eye on the way an employee handles your credit card. A device used for skimming is often disguised as a cellphone.

3.When your credit card is handed back to you by a merchant, check the signature strip to make sure it is your original card, not another person's card or a copy.

4. Do not respond to any unsolicited e-mail requests for sensitive data like your date of birth, mother's maiden name or the three-digit security code on the back of a credit card.

5.Today in Your Money Credit card fraud keeps growing on the Net Investing

6. Banks and payment companies do not use e-mail messages to ask for personal information because it is not secure. If you receive one that asks for your bank account information, hit delete and do not respond.

7.When paying online, check that the Web page has an https (meaning secure) designation. If not, do not enter any personal information.

8.Keep the antivirus software on your computer up to date - "just as you would close and lock the windows and doors on your house.



1.Always choose unique passwords that include letters and numbers.

2. Use longer passwords that have eight or more characters and mix letters, numbers and special characters as they are much more difficult to figure out than shorter, more straightforward passwords.

3.You should also avoid choosing passwords that are obvious, such as names of family members or pets, nicknames, birthdays, and telephone numbers that might be easy for others to figure out.

4.Bank is NOT liable for any loss arising from your sharing of your User Ids, passwords, cards, card numbers or PINs with anyone, NOR from their consequent unauthorized use.

5.Destroy the PIN mailer after memorizing it and/or change the PIN after the first usage.

6.Change your Internet Banking Password (both Login and Transaction) after your first login and thereafter regularly (at least once in a month).

7.Create and maintain different passwords for Login and for Transactions. This provides additional security for financial transactions through Internet Banking.

8.Avoid using the same password for multiple applications or Internet services. You should use a unique password for each Web site and purpose. In case you have more than one Internet Banking User ID, use a different password for each of your Internet Banking User IDs.

9.You may also view all your accounts with Bank under a single User ID by linking your various accounts to your preferred Internet Banking User Id.

10.Your password should be complex and difficult for others to guess. Use letters, numbers and special characters [such as !,@, #,$, %, ^, &,* (, )] in your passwords. These increase the security of the passwords.

11.Don't use passwords that are obvious, like your name/ nickname, names of family members, your address, phone number, or any other information that a thief might find in your purse or wallet.

12.Do not use a password that contains part of your User ID or account number.

13.Try to avoid passwords that are real words. Use cryptic words as passwords.

14.Do not use the same password as the one which you use to login to your PC or access your email account.

15.If your login IDs or passwords automatically appear in the sign-in page of a secure Web site, you should disable the auto complete function to increase the security of your information.

16.If you are accessing any secured website from cyber cafe, any shared computer or from a computer other than that of your own, change your passwords after such use from your own PC at workplace or at house. It is very important to do so especially when you have entered your transaction password from such shared computer or cyber cafe computer. Change these Passwords from your own PC at your workplace or residence.

17.Never share your passwords with others, including family members.

18.Do not disclose your Internet Banking password to anybody, not even to a Bank employee.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Protect yourself against Online fraud: With a few simple steps, you can help protect your account and personal information from fake emails and web sites:
1.Delete suspicious emails without opening them. If you do open a suspicious email, do not Do not open or respond to online solicitations for personal information.
2.Do not open any attachments or click on any links it may contain.
3.Never provide sensitive account or personal information in response to an email. If you have entered personal information, report it to your bank immediately by calling their 24-Hour Phone Banking numbers or by emailing at customer care.


1.Communicate with the bank through the secure mailbox option on bank URL. and ‘Write to Account Manager.'
2.Protect yourself against Offline fraud by making photocopies of all the information you carry daily and store them in a secure location like a safe deposit locker.
3.Shred financial or personal documents before discarding. Most fraud and identity theft incidences happen as a result of mail theft.
4.Whenever you or your family are away from home, get the incoming post collected by a trusted acquaintance and if you are going to be away for a longer period, arrange to get your mails diverted to an alternate address.
5.Do not leave your incoming post lying around in your absence.


1.If you are accessing any website i.e financial transaction site from cyber cafe, any shared computer or from a computer other than that of your own, please change your passwords after such use from your own PC at workplace or at home.

2.It is very important to do so especially when you have entered your transaction password from such shared computer or cyber cafe computer. Change these Passwords from your own PC at workplace or at house.


Below are some tips for recognizing whether you have possibly been a victim of fraud:
1.If you did not receive an expected bill or statement by mail.
2.If unexpected charges occur on your account .
3.If there are charges on your account from unrecognized vendors.
4.If the cheque leaves in your cheque book appear out of sequence.
5. If you get collection calls regarding merchandise or services that you did not buy.
6.Use Internet Banking to minimize the risk of Fraud: Utilize paperless options and limit receipt of paper statements by subscribing for bank, credit card and demat account statements by email.
7.Monitor your account activity regularly by checking your balances and statements online through your bank URL. This helps you to quickly detect any fraudulent transactions. The earlier a fraud is detected, the smaller will be its financial impact.
8. Limit the use of cheques, transfer funds online between your Bank accounts, or send money to other Banks through your online bank online facility.
9.Receive and pay bills online for Free/fees as applicable for your bank. The fewer personal documents sent through the mail, the less chance there is for possible fraud.
10.Linking and manage all your Bank relationships online on your one banking URL site. 11.Receive email or sms alerts upon significant transactions in your account.


1.Fake emails/ websites are not always easy to identify, however the below given indicators can help you safeguard against such emails or websites, should you ever come across one of these as listed below should be immediately reported.
2.Ask you for sensitive information: Fake emails claim that your information has been compromised due to which your account has been de-activated/suspended, and hence ask you to confirm the authenticity of your information/ transactions. Appear to be from a legitimate source : While some emails are easy to identify as fraudulent, others may appear to be from a legitimate source. However, you should not rely on the name or address in the “From” field alone, as this can be easily duplicated.
3.Contain spelling mistakes : Very often, such ‘phishing' mails may contain several spelling mistakes and even the links to the counterfeit websites may contain a url with spelling mistakes in order to take you to a website which looks like that of your bank but is not. Whenever you use a link to access a website, be sure to check for the url of the website and compare it with the original. It is recommended that you type the url yourself whenever you access your bank site or financial site and you may bookmark/store the same in your ‘List of Favorites'.
4.Contain prizes or other offers : Some fake emails promise a prize or gift certificate in exchange for completing a survey or answering a few questions. In order to collect the alleged prize, you may be asked to provide your personal information.
5.Contain fraudulent job offers : Some fake emails appear to be sent by companies to offer you a job. These are often work-at-home positions which are actually schemes that victimize both the job applicant and other customers. Be sure to confirm that the job offer is from a genuine and reputed company.
6.Link to counterfeit Web sites : Fake emails may direct you to counterfeit Web sites carefully designed to look real. Hence such websites may look very similar and familiar to you, but are actually used to collect personal information for illegal use.
7.Look like a genuine Web site : Spoof web sites can be more difficult to detect, because even the address bar and padlock symbol that appear in your browser window can be faked. To make sure you are on our site, type in your bank url and see if you get to the same place.


  1. Fraud can be classified into two : Offline fraud and Online fraud.
  2. Most offline fraud incidences happen as a result of theft of your mail, sensitive information related to your bank or credit card accounts, stolen atm/debit/credit cards, forged/ stolen cheques etc.
  3. You can protect yourself from such instances by exercising caution while receiving, storing and disposing your account statements as well as your cheques, atm/debit and credit cards.
  4. Online fraud occurs when someone poses as a legitimate company (that may or may not be in order to obtain sensitive personal data and illegally conducts transactions on your existing accounts.Often called “phishing” or “spoofing”, the most current methods of online fraud are usually through fake emails, Web sites and pop-up windows , or any combination of such methods.
  5. The main objective of both offline as well as online fraud is to steal your ‘identity'. This phenomenon is commonly known as "identity theft". Identity theft occurs when someone illegally obtains your personal information — such as your credit card number, bank account number, or other identification and uses it repeatedly to open new accounts or to initiate transactions in your name.
  6. Identity theft can happen even to those who do not shop, communicate, or transact online. A majority of identity theft occurs offline. Stealing wallets and purses, intercepting or rerouting your mail, and rummaging through your trash are some of the common tactics that thieves can use to obtain personal information.
  7. The more you are aware about identity theft the better prepared you will be.
  8. Phishing Emails: Every user of the Internet should be aware about the common attempts of fraud through means like ‘phishing' or 'spoofing'. 'Phishing' is an attempt by fraudsters to 'fish' for your banking details. 'Phishing' attempts usually appear in the form of an email appearing to be from your bank. Within the email you are then usually encouraged to click a link to a fraudulent log on page designed to capture your details. Email addresses can be obtained from publicly available sources or through randomly generated lists.
  9. Therefore, if you receive a fake email that appears to be from YOUR Bank, this does not mean that your email address, name, or any other information has been taken from their systems.
  10. Although they can be difficult to spot, ‘phishing' emails generally ask you to click on a link which takes you back to a spoof web site that looks similar to your bank's website, wherein you are asked to provide, update or confirm sensitive personal information.
  11. To prompt you into action, such emails may signify a sense of urgency or threatening condition concerning your account. The information most commonly sought through such means are: Your PIN numbers Your Internet Banking Passwords You Bank Account/Credit Card/Debit Card number Other verification parameters, like; your date of birth, mother's maiden name etc.
  12. Some fake emails may also contain a virus known as a “Trojan horse” that can record your keystrokes or could trigger background installations of key logging software or viruses onto your computer.The virus may live in an attachment or be accessed via a link in the email.
  13. Never respond to emails, open attachments, or click on links from suspicious or unknown senders.
  14. If you're not sure if a email sent by your Bank is legitimate, report it to bank without replying to the email. Counterfeit Web sites Online thieves often direct you to fraudulent Web sites via email and pop-up windows and try to collect your personal information.
  15. One way to detect a phony Web site is to consider how you arrived there. Generally, you may have been directed by a link in a fake email requesting your account information. However, if you type, or cut and paste, the URL into a new Web browser window and it does not take you to a legitimate Web site, or you get an error message, it was probably just a cover for a fake Web site.

Method by ONLINE-TRANSACTION-TIPS.BLOGSPOT.COM to clear your browser cache to avoid it storing important information like passwords and user id

Disable the "Auto Complete" function on your browser : If you are using Internet Explorer, turn off the 'Auto Complete' function on your browser to prevent your browser from remebering Passwords.

To Disable the "Auto Complete" function

1. Open Internet Explorer and click on "Tools">>"Internet Options">>"Content"

2. Under "Personal Information", click on "Auto Complete"

3. Uncheck "User names and passwords on forms" and click on "Clear Passwords".

4. Click "OK" Shred unnecessary financial documents immediately : Discard pin or password mailers immediately after memorizing them. Never write them down.


  1. Change your Passwords Periodically : We recommend that you change your passwords regularly, atleast every 30 days or so. To change your Passwords, login to bank url and go to the ''Change Password' option .
  2. Keep your Internet Banking Passwords Confidential : We assure you that Bank officials never ask you for your Internet Banking Passwords.
  3. Take Care to Log Off : Log Off from your bank url every time after you complete your online banking session. Do not close your browser.
  4. Add your bank URL to your List of Favourite Sites : We recommend that you bookmark / add to your favourites the URL of your bank site in order to access information and transact on your account with your Bank.
  5. Look for the padlock symbol on the bottom bar of the browser to ensure that the site is running in secure mode before you enter sensitive information.
  6. Clear your browser's cache : Clear your browser's cache and history after each session so that your account information is removed, especially if you have used a shared computer to access Internet Banking.
  1. Do not leave personal information lying around in an unprotected place. Always ensure that your cheque books are kept in a secure place.
  2. Avoid downloading programs from unknown sources : Some sources may have hidden forms of spyware or viruses that could compromise the security of your computer.
  3. Do not open attachments sent through mails, if you do not know the sender.
  4. Never open email attachments that have file extensions like .exe, .pif, or .vbs. Such files are usually dangerous.
  5. Do not keep computers online when not in use : Either shut the PC off or physically disconnect it from the internet connections.
  6. Do not use shared computers : We recommend that you avoid accessing your banking site from a public / shared computer, for eg : cyber cafe etc.


  1. Be very sure of the website address: The website address is reflected on the address bar of your Internet Browser. This check is recommended every time you access ant website from a link given elsewhere. Always type the website address yourself or bookmark the websites that you use frequently.
  2. Never enter, confirm or update your account-related details on a pop-up window.
  3. If you tend to use your Credit Cards fequently for online shopping, make sure that you sign up for the Verified by Visa and/or Master Card Secure Code program(s).
  4. Confirm that website is a secure one: Make sure any Internet purchase activity you engage in is secured with encryprtion to protect your account information. Look for "secure transaction" symbols.
  5. Shop Online only from reputed websites
  6. Beware of online offers that require you to provide your account details for ' verification'


  1. Always type the address of the website in the address bar of your browser or access it from your stored list of favourites.
  2. Do not share your Passwords with anyone .
  3. Bank officials will never ask you for your Internet Banking Passwords.
  4. Change your Passwords frequently.
  5. Check for your Last Login Time.
  6. Limit the use of physical statements - Email statements easier to manage than paper statements and instantly retrievable. The fewer personal documents sent through the post, the less chance there is for possible fraud.
  7. Review your account statements carefully - Make a habit of reviewing your account statements regulaly.
  8. The Mini Statement and Detailed Statement options available help you to review your bank account statements thoroughly.
  9. View and verify your credit card statements instantly instead of waiting for your statements to come to you every month.
  10. Sign Up for SMS Alerts - Register for Mobile Banking and receive alerts upon all significant transactions in your account.
  11. Learn more about Mobile Banking.
  12. Be Vigilant - Never fill in any form that you have accessed via a link with sensitive data such as User ID, Password, PINs, and other account related information.
  13. Login Frequently - Logging not only helps you keep track of your accounts online but also enables you to notice and stop any fraudulent activity quickly.
  14. Link your Accounts - If you have more than one relationship with a Bank, link all your accounts to a single user id. This will make it much easier for you to manage your multiple accounts online.
  15. Secure Communication - When corresponding with the bank, try to use your secure mailbox as much as possible.
  16. Be Cautious - Do not leave your internet banking session unattended. Always sign off from your online banking session.